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Reviewed in the United States on December 13, 2021
I've bought TOZO products for the past couple of years. I bought T6's because I figured I have nothing to lose by getting a pair. I loved them! Great sound, great price, very comfortable, and extremely versatile. After a while, they started having connectivity issues. Every 15 minutes or less they would just drop connection out of the blue. I figured I just worked the hell out of them...50+ hours of music per week! I would wear the left one at work and when the battery died, I would pop the right one in my left ear and keep rocking. It was a seamless changeover and had the same level of comfort without contending with molded directional earbuds (left bud molded to fit in the left ear a certain way).

Fast forward to my purchase of the T12's. I figured they're supposed to be an improvement on the T6's and I wanted to stop the connectivity issues I was having. The first thing I notice is the nifty case that gave power levels with a visual percentage. I love that feature since it allows me to monitor when I need to recharge. Also, I saw they had molded directional earbuds. I am not a fan. When the battery would die, I would put the other bud in like I used to but It would be so uncomfortable I would give it up and stick them back in the charger for a little bit to last my remaining couple hours. Another thing to point out is with the T6's, when the battery started getting low you would get a verbal notification 3 or 4 times over about 15 minutes before finally shutting down. With the T12's, you get one notification. Then within a few minutes, it abruptly shuts off.

Overall, I can't justify recommending these. I know it's just a personal preference thing, so I will end this by saying if you don't mind my complaints, these are great! The sound quality is on par with the T6's, so if you enjoy your music, these will treat you well.
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