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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on January 19, 2019
At first I loves this comforter. Its light, warm. And has tabs to keep the duvet cover in place.

The stuffing that comes out of the comforter is INFURIATING. Even after washing it, I had problems with the stuffing. Everytime I had to change the duvet cover I had to carefully take it off and make sure the comforter didn't touch anything but the inside of the next duvet cover. My lint trap is full of fluff after I wash the duvet cover that was on it. It gets everywhere. Made the mistake of carrying the comforter in my arms without a cover and had to use multiple sheets of lint rollers to un fluff myself. Eventually shoved this comforter in a bag and stuffed it in storage. Good price. Not worth the stress the stuffing brings.
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