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Reviewed in the United States on August 19, 2018
I’m soooo disappointed with this product. I was so excited for it to arrive because I could envision my son curling up with a book in the little seat and it matched his new room. Well, I usually put this stuff together myself but my guy friend offered and I needed the help. I wanted to blame him until I read the other reviews and it seems like many people had the same problem. We have both put together many items of furniture in our lives so we aren’t beginners. The boards were so flimsy and cheap and I believe some of the hardware was defective. There is a nail sticking out of the side that we cannot get out with Allen wrench or pliers. We are both strong and tried everything. I don’t even think I’ll be able to take it apart to return it. It also damaged the board. This used to be $75 and some how it went up to $105 and I really wanted it for my son so I spent the money. Now I regret it! Even if the nail wasn’t sticking out on the side this should only be $50 MAX. It’s cheap and a lot smaller than it looks in pics too. (Yes, I read dimensions before purchasing but still shelves seem tinier in person). Very disappointing and I hope I can get my money back.
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