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Reviewed in the United States on May 3, 2019
My favorite arrowroot flour! I have been a fan of Anthony's Goods for years! Their products are ALWAYS reliably fresh and delicious. I have not had a bad experience yet. I they have what I'm looking for you can be sure I will purchase from them. This arrowroot flour is wonderful! It's a very fine flour as it should be. I cook and bake KETO and PRIMAL/PALEO. I use only the alternative flours, natural sweeteners along with many herbs and spices. Arrowroot flour is perfect for making "clean" lower-carb tortillas - mixed with almond flour and a couple other ingredients. They are delicious - even more so than any store-bought tortilla you'll find out there. I use it also in baked goods as well as a thickening agent for homemade sauces and even coconut milk yogurt. Highly recommend!!
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