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Reviewed in the United States on March 26, 2021
Ordered 2 of these for my toddlers playroom. Love the sturdy base which holds lots of toys and prevents tipping! Overall, like the product, but one of them was missing a set of screws to attach the back board. When emailing company, they offered to give me 10 dollar refund and I could buy my own replacements. They said they don’t have replacement parts which confused me. I asked for a product exchange and then they offered me 25 dollars for buy my own screws. I knew this wasn’t the best idea as I am not very handy at all and have little time to be aimlessly searching Home Depot. Finally after a lot of back and forth I agreed. Unfortunately what I got wasn’t an exact match because I couldn’t find an exact match. The screws ended up splitting the boards in multiple places. After reaching back out to the company, they ended up refunding the entire cost of the unit.

Bottom line, decent product despite having a problem. The customer service was responsive and ultimately accommodating so I gave 4 stars for that.
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