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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 7, 2019
First off, as a chair it works. Even though it is made of a lot of plastic it seems durable enough. The problem is that is not ergonomic at all. The description says, "lumbar support." There is no lumbar support whatsoever. In fact, it seems like most of the support is lower to mid thoracic. Second, the arm rests are comfortable for resting your arms, but they will hit the sides of your legs and cause pain. They are also kind of flimsy. Third, the fabric is rough on your bare skin, not for short shorts wearing people.
Assembly is easy with as few allen head bolts and washers. Just a note that the instructions use the term "gaskets" when the mean to say washers.

I would not buy this if you will use it a lot like a student or a professional might, but it will work fine for occasional use. Personally, I would not buy this product again.

Update: After a couple of months the chair top is getting wobbly from the base, it will tilt several degrees to the left or to the right. Not sure how much longer it will last before the tilt makes the chair unusable.

1 Year Update:

So I have had this thing for a year now and have been using it a little more now since COVID has forced me to do more work at home than before.

During the past year the chair has gotten light use anywhere between 0 and 12 hours or so per week. During the summer I probably used this thing a total of 2 hours total, but I have begun to use it more in the past few days. I have forgotten how bad this chair really is. My tailbone is freaking killing me and my back hurts horribly. I dealt with the funky clunking noise by adding some lube to the big spring underneath the seat. I have also realized that the seat is hard to clean, especially the cushion. I am giving up on this chair and just ordered another more expensive brand and this chair will go in the dumpster. I should of followed my instincts and went with the, "buy once, cry once" philosophy.

So I decided to take the cushion apart to see if I could add some more padding and I found out why this thing is so uncomfortable. The cushion is made from a bunch of glued together scraped of old recycled foam with chunks of tires or some other kind of plastic scrap mixed in. To cover the foam so you can't see it there is a thin layer of what I can best describe as those super thin sheet of air conditioning filters. That's why this is so hard to clean, it's a filter that's designed to trap stuff with a mesh sheet over it. I hope whoever designed the chair this way steps on a lego.
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