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Reviewed in the United States on December 19, 2020

I’m 77 years old and am an avid golfer and bike rider. It’s an understatement to say that I have extensive experience wearing arm sleeves.

I have never managed to find a brand that combined good looking colors, was comfortable to wear, and met my performance standard of staying up my arm without constantly slithering down my arm.

That is until I was surfing Amazon and came across Armoray arm sleeves. After reading the reviews, I decided I had nothing to lose so I ordered the multicolor 4-pack. I chose the bright colors of this 4-pack to coordinate with my golf and biking wardrobes. I think it’s fun to wear coordinated arm sleeves with my activity clothes.

After receipt of the sleeves, I immediately started wearing them daily for golfing and biking. I was most pleased with the wonderful bright colors, the softness and comfort of the material, it’s stretch and rebound, and best of all, it stayed up my arm with minimal slide.

The Armoray is also touted as being breathable and having sun protection properties. It looks almost like new after repeated washings versus the ASICS sleeves which have stretched out so much that they really are not longer.

The KMMIN brand sleeve turned out to be so tight that after only several wearing, I relegated them to the darkness of my storage shelf.

The Armoray is by far the best arm sleeve I have ever worn. I have already ordered an additional 2-pack of two more different colors to coordinate with my wardrobe.

It is fairly priced and I believe it offers very good performance and value for the price.

Addendum 12-27-2020:

I’ve had occasion to gain further experience with these Armoray arm sleeves, wearing them every day while golfing and bike riding.

I continue to be delighted with the multitude of available colors, the ease of pulling them on, the perfect comfortable feel on my arms, and the fact that they stay up on my upper arms better than any other sleeves I have used.

I have downgraded Armoray one star because the hem on one pair of sleeves started unraveling after one wearing. I’m hoping this is an aberration and not a recurring condition.
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