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Reviewed in the United States on January 3, 2020
I've had very positive results with other Bob's Red Mill gluten free products, so I was hoping this would be an economic alternative to the $7 loaves of gluten free bread from the market. Unfortunately it didn't work.

Making it was simple enough. I used a Kitchen Aid and followed the recommendation from other reviewers of using 4 whole eggs instead of 1 whole egg + 3 egg whites. This was supposed to prevent it from being crumbly. But sure enough, the loaf was very crumbly, to the point that I can't even use it in the toaster for sandwich bread because it would fall apart.

Taste and texture is great. It doesn't taste like "real bread," but it does taste like any other gluten free bread and that's fine with me. It's just the crumbly factor I can't get past. If a slice of bread can't even hold its shape in the toaster, I can't use it because that's how I always prepare my sandwiches.

This might be a good bread for some sort of dinner roll or thick slices for soup. But I needed it for regular sandwiches, and for me, it was a miss.
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