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Reviewed in the United States on August 6, 2016
I paid full price for this and don't commonly review items. Trying to help other parents with important purchases though.

First, assembly: I assembled this by myself using a couple ratchets in about 4 hours. There are parts of the assembly that would have been much faster with two people. I had all parts necessary and one extra of all the bolts, washers, nuts, etc. The only assembly 'problem' I had was adjusting everything to be perfectly square while tightening and that was likely because I am a perfectionist.

Second, product quality: Solid as a rock after tightening. I could climb on this thing. I noticed a couple scratches on the bars but nothing serious. The color scheme is very bright and vibrant--looks good next to my blue/white swingset. It does seem a bit big for my 3 year old (slightly above average size) when it comes to actually climbing up the dome but by next year it should be fine. He did say he loves it and can climb with a boost from me or just swing from underneath. Also excited about fort building opportunities.

Overall: A solid addition to backyard play area. Seems very sturdy and structurally sound. Three year old loves it. Feeling proud of myself for assembling it. A happy dad.
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