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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on November 4, 2020
At approximately $30, I thought that this mouse was well priced; previously, it was selling for $50-60, which I think it too much for it. I would like to point out three features that stand out to me. (1) This mouse is comfortable in the right hand. It is slightly larger than average, which is a good thing. My hands are average, and smaller mice make me feel like I have to pay attention to where they are all the time, or they will disappear. This mouse does not draw undue attention to itself. Importantly, it is sufficiently wide for the thumb and pinky to rest on it comfortably, and it is raised just the right amount under the base of the index finger. This make it easy to hold without having to squeeze, and the hand rests on it comfortably. This helps make the mouse ergonomic and to feel "organic" in the hand. These are this mouse's strongest features, in my opinion. (2) The mouse appears to perform quite well in terms of how the pointer motion "feels" on the screen. The coordination between the movement of the mouse and the movement of the pointer is flawless. Before this mouse, I had another highly sensitive mouse set up on my computer, and it was not pretty, although adjusting the software settings helped partially. The transition to this mouse felt like a major improvement, and I only had to weak the pointer speed slightly. The pointer movements feel smooth and precise. (3) I wish this mouse were a little heavier. I also wish that the wheel feet a little more substantial. Both the mouse and the wheel require a tiny bit of effort to move, and this is not enough for my comfort. This is especially problematic with the wheel. The finger slides on the wheel without triggering it, requiring mental effort to press on the wheel to turn it, but not too hard to click it. This is a major disadvantages of this mouse. I would say another 20-40 grams of weight to the body of the mouse would have made all the difference. And a slightly more resistant or rubbery wheel would have made a difference. The relatively lightness of the mouse and low resistance of the wheel draw attention to themselves and take away a sensation of substance that I enjoy in a mouse. That being said, the mouse feels more substantial than your average, cheap, smallish, light, plastic mouse. Some users may prefer their mouse on the lighter side, and some users may like a greasy wheel that is hard to rotate, but I do not.
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