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Reviewed in the United States on July 2, 2021
Not really sure what's going on but, I purchased these (two) less than a week ago and every time my kids get to playing on them, it kicks them off after awhile. Like 30 minutes to an hour. I'm really disappointed with this defect (I cannot find a setting that would explain or fix this). My 2 year old needs help and gets very frustrated when it kicks her off and starts a temper tantrum. My 6yo gets really upset bc he gets so far in a game and boom, kicked off! Loses a race or whatever he's built,etc. They have password locks on them and I now have two very dissatisfied kids that won't even touch these anymore. Instead of something fun or something to keep them occupied while their only parent is busy, I have two very ornery, upset kids, interrupting important phone calls and work, hollering bc their tablets kicked them off yet again and they need the password put back in or even more recently, they don't even use them. So I'm back to the same dilemma. My poor son went back to his extremely shattered OLD Amazon kids tablet bc this one "sucks." Anyone else having issues such as this???
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