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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 13, 2018
When I put these on the bed I noticed a sewing defect on the top sheet. I didn't see this when I unpacked and washed the sheets, otherwise I would have sent them right back. Although there is not a rip yet, there surly will be one as the sheet is not bound properly. I will use them this week and see how they hold up. They also don't feel as soft as other jersey sheets that I have, but I won't be able to see how I like them until I sleep in them.
I'm so annoyed and I am writing this review based on the defect rather than the actual sheets. The only way these sheets can redeem themselves for a higher rating is if they are amazing, but for now they are getting only one star.
It seems I have to return many of my purchases from Amazon because there is a problem with quality. I'm just so tired of packing boxes and schlepping them in my car to UPS. Amazon is not what it used to be and these sheets are Amazon's own brand so I'm not surprised that there is a QC issue.
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