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Reviewed in the United States on March 26, 2021
So, our use is not the traditional use. Our son has dysphagia and has to have his formula thickened. The doctors wanted us to use baby rice cereal or oatmeal. We had no options but to use it during his hospital stay from 1-2 months old. After researching the effects of rice cereal on babies (especially before 42 weeks gestational age), seeing how constipated our son was and realizing the amount of calories he was taking in from it we stopped using it. From then until 7 months (6 months corrected) we used Gelmix. Highly recommend Gelmix, but unfortunately it was getting too expensive. We waited until 6 months corrected age to trial this Arrowroot after doing some research. So far it's been great! The amount of arrowroot that is actually in each bottle is almost negligible. It comes out to less than a gram per ounce. This product thickens very well and not very much is needed overall. It's a lot like using cornstarch but better for you! We've used it here and there for sauces and gravies and it is no different than cornstarch in how to prepare it. I think the price is great as well especially for it being organic.
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