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Reviewed in the United States on March 22, 2021
I use Cream of Tarter to clean my stainless steel, so I can go through a lot at one go. Normally, this stuff is seriously expensive, but this jar from Amazon is priced very reasonably. In fact, it is the cheapest per ounce that I have ever seen. Honestly, this is what the price should be for this product.

And it is just like the stuff that costs so much in the market. I got so much, so cheap, that I will be sharing it with a friend of mine who I just bought a stainless steel cook set for housewarming (now it's time to teach her how to keep the set looking new!)

If you are in the market for Cream of Tarter, or just want to keep some on hand for when you need it, I highly recommend picking up a jar from Amazon -- it's a great deal!
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