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Reviewed in the United States on November 26, 2018
I have been making pizza many years and have tried a variety of flours, but it was always hit or miss on being able to stretch the dough thin the way I like it. My pizza making took a leap several years ago when I began using Antimo Caputo pizza flour. This made it dramatically easier to stretch the dough and I never considered using another flour until reading about 5 Stagioni Pizza Napoletana. This flour actually kicks my pizza dough up another notch, partly because it is even easier to stretch, but mostly because it adds a subtle but significant increase in flavor. It also ages in the refrigerator to flavor perfection, hitting a peak about four to six days later, whereas other pizza doughs fizzle within a few days. I only wish it were less expensive, perhaps with an option to buy multiple bags at once with a lower cost per bag, but for a pizza lover like me it is a worthy and almost essential extravagance even at the current price of $12.39 each. The end result is much better than almost any pizzeria.
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