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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on February 2, 2022
I've had the T10s for awhile and the T12s feel like a downgrade. While the sound might be a little better and the indicators provide more info, everything else seems worse. Here are a few key things:

1) The case feels cheap and clumsy. The lid always wants to close on its own and I often struggle to take the earbuds out because the lid snaps closed before I can remove the earbuds from the case.

2) The case isn't see though. The top of the T10 case is translucent allowing you to see the indicators without opening the case. For some reason, they decided take that away for the T12 case. So now you have to open the case to see those fancy battery indicators they added, which seems a bit pointless.

3) The Left and Right labels are hard to see. The T10s have the L and R labels clearly visible. For some reason, they decided to remove the L and R labels from the outer/top side of the earbuds and move them to the inner/bottom side instead. It's not a big deal, but it's like they took something that was perfect and then decided to make it...suck. I don't get it.

4) I can't seem to make the T12s work with my PC. They pair and connect but I can't hear anything in the earbuds. I'm not sure if it's the earbuds or my PC, but my T10s work perfectly fine with my PC so I have to assume it's the earbuds.
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