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Reviewed in the United States on July 2, 2019
It’s been a couple of years since I purchased this light and sadly, I’m no longer excited about it. Not only does this thing eat batteries faster than Cookie Monster can eat a cookie, water now enters the housing every time it rains!! At best, the floodlight flickers when it detects motion and at worst, simply doesn’t turn on. I understand this isn’t a super expensive light but geez, don’t sell an outdoor light that can’t be OUTDOORS!! Maybe the floodlight with cam battery is better, but now I’m hesitant to even get that if this is any testament of build quality. Anyway, this product seemed like a good solution at the time, but unfortunately it can’t stand up to the test of time.

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The Ring Floodlight is a welcomed addition to the Ring smart home ecosystem. The light is easy to install (I mounted it to stucco) and setup via the bridge and the app. The Ring bridge is needed to receive movement notifications from the light. It's worth purchasing the bridge bundle because the bridge allows multiple Ring devices to work in unison and enables Alexa integration.

Side Note:
When I first got my Floodlight, I programmed Alexa to say, "Intruder Alert! Do you want me to blast 'em with the lasers Capt'n?" Needless to say, after a day or two of this, the wife was not exactly impressed and I disabled the Alexa alerts. Her colleagues on her conference call were cracking up laughing though.... Never a dull moment with me, I guess. Happy wife, happy life!

- Easy to install
- Easy to setup
- Easy to use app
- Adjustable brightness
- Adjustable motion sensitivity
- Alexa support

- Will devour 4 D batteries in about 3 weeks (max) even when programmed to operate during non-working hours (5pm-6am). I HIGHLY suggest purchasing rechargeable D batteries. You will thank me later.

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