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Reviewed in the United States on July 7, 2017
This turned out just right. I really like how it looks, and how kid-sized it is. It's a versatile nook that could go in a number of places as a child ages and spaces change.
That said, the assembly process does give you a new appreciation for IKEA. Everyone makes fun of them, but whoever designed this makes their designers look like Einsteins working with far more durable materials. I wouldn't say this was difficult to assemble, just... awkward. As if the final shape was paramount and dictated everything, so there was no thought given to the odd contortions or special tools you might need for specific steps. (For instance, you need a screwdriver to tighten the cam bolts on the inside of the slanted top compartments, but a normal-length screwdriver is too long for that space.)
Similarly, I wouldn't say that the instructions were hard to follow. The parts were well-organized and labeled. However, the instructions do tend to lump a whole bunch of steps together, in a way that IKEA wouldn't.
Well, I suppose these are the trade-offs for overall cheapness. Again, I had no real trouble putting this together, but on the other hand, I totally see why people might.
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