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Reviewed in the United States on July 6, 2021
I ordered a 20x10 area rug that arrived crumpled from the manufacturer prior to winter. It would have been too much $$ to send back to the manufacturer, so I put it in the garage vowing to manage and ease the crumpled 'roll' lines in the Spring.
When I brought this rug out in this Spring to put it on my driveway to start spraying it down to help start softening the crumpled 'rolls' lines, I found that a favorite neighborhood cat had also become very fond of my carpet over the Winter. This rug NOW needed to be cleaned of cat urine, the stains and odors, before I even began to wash out the 'roll' lines. I ordered this product asap; it arrived asap.
I used the product three times on each of the offending 'stains'. The urine broke down exceptionally fast, so much so, that there were NO STAINS left in the rug after the 3rd spray! Yay!
I am so happy that I was able to get the cat urine out, stains and odors, and love the feel of it under my bare feet in the family room!
And, no one is the wiser! (:
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