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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on July 8, 2022
Purchased a blue tooth head set and added this protection. 5 months later, the headset cracked and fell apart and the foam ear piece ripped and tore off (NOTE: the device otherwise worked correctly, electronically; the physical stuff that broke was not covered under any original manufacturer warranty). I attempted to make a claim on the Asurion web site but it could not authenticate me since it was pulling an old email from Amazon (I had just recently updated my email in Amazon). I opted to contact tech support through chat to ask for help and they processed the claim very quickly through the chat. I was asked to ship the defective item to them and was given a UPS label to print out. The UPS label link they emailed me did not work, but I still had them on the chat and they sent me a link for the label directly through chat that worked. Once I dropped off the item at UPS, I received an email with a egift card to Amazon for the value of the defective item minus tax. The issue that I think others are having is if the item breaks or is defective in a way that is still covered under the manufacturer warranty, Asurion does not cover that part. It has to be a non warranty issue or the claim has to be outside the manufacturer warranty period but still in the Asurion protection period (there is a little bit of overlap).
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