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Reviewed in the United States on March 27, 2019
I just needed the mouse in order to write lab reports properly. I was also hoping I could game with it occasionally.

Within two days, the first battery died with no use, while the mouse was off and in my backpack. Having brought only this mouse to aid me in writing my lab report, I replaced the battery and continued using it.

The mouse never worked properly. It didn't have good "click resolution" as one might call it compared to my old Logitech mouse: the same hand movements would not get the cursor to move the same way twice. Additionally, the mouse would freeze repeatedly and require turning off and then on again to get it to work for 20 more seconds.

I could also not click and drag. I needed to highlight text, and this was impossible. The scroll wheel also behaved erratically, scrolling only sometimes.

The mouse also felt like it was made of the cheapest, thinnest plastic I would expect a $15 mouse to be made out of, considering my old mouse cost $8.

I must have received a defective product. The mouse was awful and ruined my life a little because I relied on it to get some of my click-intensive schoolwork done faster and it failed me. What is the purpose of even owning a mouse if it only works for 20 second intervals, doesn't allow you to click and drag (even to highlight text to copy/paste, etc), and moves the cursor at unpredictable intervals?

Amazon should not be so irresponsible as to sell this product as consumers might actually buy it and find themselves in a sticky situation with schoolwork deadlines approaching.
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