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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on January 18, 2021
I ordered these switches after making the mistake of ordering a different brand that were a bit less expensive with a special package deal. Even though the other brand (TreatLife) was also well reviewed, I had nothing but issues with them and there was no tech support to speak of.

I installed these switches and they are WONDERFUL. The 3-way switches have a mix of wire nut pigtails and screw terminals. The single pole switches are all wire nut connections. I prefer the screw terminals since they are cleaner and take up less space in the junction box. This is important since the switches are bigger than normal switches and real estate in the box can get very crowded.

The only hit against Kasa is that the switches come with ZERO electrical documentation in the box. I didn't need it, but I can see how that would confuse some people. I believe that the installation instructions are all in the app, but that does not seem to be as handy as having them on paper. Not a big deal though.

Hooking them up and replacing normal switches was a breeze. I did 3 different circuits in under 30 minutes. Two circuits were 3-way overhead lights and one was a single-pole switch for a ceiling fan. Pulled out the old switches, wired in these new smart switches and powered on the breaker. They worked on the first try. This should always be the case but I had the bad experience with the other brand where the 3-way switches did not work properly. It was very refreshing having these work so well.

A few notes:
1) If you are installing the 3-way switches, you do NOT need to replace both switches on the circuit. That is why these switches need a neutral wire. It keeps them powered even when the lights are off, and thus act like any other 3-way switch. Just replace one of them.
2) You must have a neutral wire in the junction box. These switches will not work without a neutral wire. If you're not sure, remove the switch plate and look inside. If you can't tell, consult an electrician.

Next step was to link with the Kasa app. I already had the Kasa app since I have an outdoor Kasa smart plug. I just went through the process of adding the switches and within 2 minutes the switch was connected to the Kasa app, Google Home, and Alexa. This was again in stark contrast to the TreatLife switches which did not connect well with WiFi. Kasa is a breeze and a joy to set up!

Sure Kasa equipment may be a little more expensive than the other brands but they WORK and don't give me any headaches. That is worth the price. From now on it is all Kasa brand for me.
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