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Reviewed in the United States on December 17, 2019
So I have been off gluten for about four years not because I want to, but because I can't eat it. One of the worst things about not being able to eat gluten is how expensive GF is. I got six boxes of this pancake/waffle mix for under $15, so you can't beat that price.

I make the whole box at one time, and make Belgian waffles from the mix. Then I freeze the waffles and eat them for breakfast or lunch during the week. Here are some tips from someone that has made a LOT of waffles in her lifetime.

If you are making the whole box, use four EXTRA LARGE eggs, or at least large. If you can, leave the eggs out to reach room temp and slightly heat your liquid. Mix all the wet ingredients first, and keep some extra liquid, I use 2% milk, on hand in case you need a bit more than the recipe calls for. then add the dry mix to your liquids but do NOT over mix your batter. there should be small lumps still in the batter when you are done mixing it.
This part is key, leave the batter to "rest" for about 10 minutes. You will see small bubbles breaking the surface. While the batter is resting, I turn on my Belgium waffle maker to heat up. Spray your waffler with pam or similar. Then, without mixing the batter again, I scoop out the batter onto the waffle iron surface. Make sure the waffler has time to reheat after you take out each waffle before putting more batter in. (IF I am making blueberry waffles, I scoop about 1/2 of the amount of batter into the waffler, then throw some thawed bloobs onto that batter and then scoop the second half of the batter in before closing the lid. It's not a big thing if all the bloobs are not covered with batter)

These waffles come out with this awesome crunchy outside and a chewy tender inside. I just reheat them in a toaster oven at work.
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