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Reviewed in the United States on June 25, 2020
I'm puzzled Amazon is asking me to rate features "Brightness" and "Motion Detection" on this smart plug. This had me running back to the documentation to see if it had capabilities I didn't know about. No such luck. It's simply an error on Amazon's part.

Most of my smart lighting is Lutron Caseta, but I do have a handful of Hue light strips scattered about. The outdoor light strip was outside the range of our Hue Smart Bridge and was unresponsive to HomeKit, Alexa and the Hue app. A temporary solution was a table lamp with a Hue smart bulb placed in the dining room to act as a Zigbee network range extender, halfway between the Smart Bridge and the unresponsive light strip. That worked perfectly, but there was no useful place to keep the lamp. There has been speculation in the reviews that the Hue Smart Plug would act as a Zigbee range extender and I can confirm it does exactly that. The unwanted lamp has been retired and the outside lightstrip is now 100% reliable.

If you've got any hue bulbs in your home at the extreme edge of the Hue Smart Bridge's range, the Hue Smart Plug can be used as a range extender.
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