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Reviewed in the United States on November 5, 2018
I pre-ordered this a few weeks ago, and it just arrived on 10/31.

Ok guys, real talk, I'm not 17 any more. What I care about now is function, design and efficiency. So the fact that this new edition of the Fire Stick can control the volume and the power to my TV... Umm, put me down for 200 please, and I'll throw them out to the parents as they slug along behind their sugar-fueled 5 year old trick or treaters tonight. And I will instantly become their hero. Well, second only to the guy pouring the witches brew cocktails later. But I digress.

Anyway! We all have had half a dozen Fire Sticks by now, and we can all agree- they're great. But at the end of the day, I still needed to fondle 3 remotes in the dark, steal half-alive batteries from 3 of my kids toys, and ask my 2 year old where he put the remotes, for all three devices... just so I can lock myself in my room for 9 totally unselfish hours just to watch the latest season of Stranger Things.

Because of my current setup, I had one remote to control the TV, one remote to control the Fire Stick, (and because my sound bar was connected to my TV via optical cable and therefore could not be controlled by the TV remote for some crazy reason) one remote to control the volume of the sound bar. BUT NOT ANY MORE BABY! This latest Fire Stick has added volume, mute and power buttons. And I'm pretty much invincible now.

Additionally, I think the Fire Stick knows how much of a bada$$ it is. I've caught the remote levitating on my night stand a handful of times. I think it's self aware.

Of course this does the usual blah blah blah, and yes it's 4k if you have it connected to a compatible TV. But all that is soo #yesterday. So what I'm really trying to say here guys- I ONLY NEED ONE REMOTE NOW!!!

Happy Halloween ;)
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