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Reviewed in the United States on January 12, 2018
Giving up Wasa was the hardest thing about the celiac diet. I mean, you can find gluten-free bread and pizza and brownies now, no problem. But no Wasa, at least not in the US. I did get the overseas version of gluten-free Wasa, but it tends to break up in shipping, and it's expensive.
So when I ordered this I expected it to be like the European version. It's not. The crackers are a bit thicker, are "puffier" (more bubbles) and the flavor is perfect. They seem more "robust" and don't break accidentally or fall into pieces while you are eating. But they are not TOO hard and easy to bite.
Even better, they are packaged in cellophane in sets of 3 crackers, so it's easy to toss one in your bag or lunchbox. Unlike most breads, Wasa crackers are tasty as is, without toasting. And they don't require refrigeration.
I like them with butter and jam. Or a leaf of lettuce, mustard, thinly sliced onions, and liver sausage. Or a couple of slices of bacon and an egg over easy. Or dip in hummous for a snack.
The order came incredibly fast too, within 2 days.
THANK YOU Wasa North America!
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