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Reviewed in the United States on October 11, 2020
First off I will point out that this company does not have any technical support. I have spent all day trying to get what sounded like an amazing product to work. I tried to find a phone number, none. I tried to find an email, sent the email and got an auto responder saying "we do not provide email support". I am on chat with a "human" who appears to be copying and pasting a script and on chat with 100 other people as to say thank you took 90 seconds.
I received the plugs, got my "I do not mind installing every app on the planet" device ready to install their app and see how it works. I installed the app and it actually appeared to work. created a new account, activated my new account, although I can not figure out how to manage my account from a webpage. The app then came up and very helpfully guided me to add a device, nice clean interface and so far easy to use. I followed the steps and then we got to location and that is where I am stuck. I shared location as it insisted and of course it is "required only to get your wifi name". Sounds fishy, but ok they are the programmers not me, it sounds more like we want to know where you are so we can make money off you and if you remember you can turn it off later, but as I said this is my install all apps with fake information device and it has no GPS anyways. Now here it is hours later, still stuck on the location screen, no phone number to call, email did nothing and chat for over an hour and I think she is about to ask me to reboot the device again. I will be returning these ASAP.
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