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Reviewed in the United States on May 5, 2020
I don't usually take the time to write up reviews, but this is a terrible piece of furniture.

First, it's intended to be assembled by hand, using a regular screwdriver, at home. Normally, I don't mind this at all. I like assembling furniture. But this is basically impossible to assemble as directed, and unsafe! It has long metal rods that you are supposed to connect together with these special flared screws. The instructions say to bear down and they will push apart the metal as they screw in. Again, you're supposed to be able to push hard enough to peel thick metal with a hand-held screwdriver. I don't see how this is physically possible, unless you're a bodybuilder and you held the pipe in a vice or something. I stabbed myself in the hand trying to do this (Yeah, holding the rod in my hand was dumb, but if you set it on a table it'll roll. How are you supposed to do this?). I gave up and duct-taped the pieces together. What's especially baffling is that there are plenty of other ways to connect two pipes that actually, like, work. Like a normal screw, or a pin. So why use impossible metal-peeling screws?

Then you connect the rods to the boards with screws. This actually worked and is fairly sturdy. Because they used normal screws for this step.

Finally, I put the cheap plastic bins in place. These are poor quality, and they don't fit! They are too wide for the shelf.

On the plus side, I guess, is that you can put toys in it. Fewer than I had hoped, but at least they're not on the floor anymore.

So yeah, don't buy this. Definitely not worth anything close to the $60 they're charging. I'd have been happier with bricks, plywood, and dollar-store bins. I would have returned it except 1. I was too lazy to puzzle it back into the box and 2. I didn't want to go out to UPS and get breathed on. Not worth it. I'm sorry I wasted a delivery-person's time and safety ordering this.
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