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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on November 19, 2019
I had everything below written and set up as average 4 star but noticed a review about their privacy policy...
If you read just the first couple paragraphs of their policy, they mention that they'll pull as much data as they want and use it as they want... including sending to 3rd parties and once sent, they have no control over what is done with the data such as name, address, payment information, personal information such as birth date ... etc... and other info used while using this product...
yeah.... im returning this thing ASAP. I advise everyone to do the same.

**************************Set this up on 11/19/2019.
I've got a Verizon Fios-Gen4 router as the host router connected wireless to the RE220 model.
Really annoying to set up at first... wasn't working no matter what which way i tried.
I even tried connecting with ethernet cable from router to extender but that didnt work either.
i unplugged and plugged the RE220 while following the instructions within the applet to set up device(extender) and RANDOMLY it started working... O.O
But after it connected, it works. I've got it extended past rooms, doors, and stairs. Got it to use wifi in my garage. I'm using the "high speed mode" where it cancels either the 2.4 ghz or 5 ghz and amplifies the non-cancelled ghz.
so far.. i've tested the internet speed from with different options and these are the results i got.
Control([200dl/200up]straight connection to router from phone rooms away about 25ish feet):
Control 2.5Ghz: 45 dl mbps / 24 up mbps
Control 5Ghz: 142 dl mbps / 90 up mbps
Extended Wifi standard
Extended standard 2.4Ghz: 41 dl mbps / 34 up mbps
Extended stadard 5Ghz: 75 dl mbps / 65 up mbps
Extended wifi high speed
Extended boost disabled 2.4Ghz to boost 5Ghz: 80 dl mbps / 76 up mbps
Extended boost disabled 5Ghz to boost 2.5Ghz: 73 dl mbps / 71 up mbps

some weird data and some regular data...
idk.. Enjoy the info!
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