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Reviewed in the United States on February 24, 2021
When they're working, the Govee plugs are fine. They do what I need. The Android app can handle the plugs and the water leak detectors. I haven't tried any fancy programming -- just the basic turn it on / off. And there's where I run into problems. The Govee plugs frequently lose connection with the base unit and fail to reconnect until I power cycle them. I have a pair of Govee water leak detectors located two feet from one of the Govee plugs and the water detectors either don't lose connection to the base unit, or they're able to reconnect.

I can't say this is a problem with the Govee plug or the Govee base unit. But as noted the water detectors don't *seem* to have the same problem.

It may be unrelated, but our condo association's network has been having hardware problems recently which makes connecting to the internet a hit-or-miss situation. I can't say that this is causing the Govee plug problem (it seems unlikely) but who knows what the software guys did. Maybe the plug or the base unit needs a 100% reliable internet connection 100% of the time.
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