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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 1, 2019
I now have two of these in my home for my two children... I bought my first in September of 2018 to replace an old mattress for my daughter... it was great, and my daughter loved the mattress... no issues at all with the mattress... my son needed a new mattress too, so I was about to order a 2nd one in February 2019 when I noticed numerous reviews (many recent) citing reports of bedbugs.

Now let me clarify my experience here... I work in the hospitality business and maintain dormitories for military training students that are on a constant rotation, much like a hotel. We are all trained to spot, look for and deal with bed bugs should ever the problem arise... bed bugs have nothing to do with personal hygene or cleanliness, they can infest anything from the sleaziest no-tell motel to the fanciest 5-star Hyatt Regency. Also, bed bugs don't limit themselves to beds, they will travel and hide on/in anything... clothes, shoes, carpets, suitcases, curtains, laptops, alarm clocks, a book... bed bugs aren't picky. For those reviewers that say they got bedbugs... if you think it came from the mattress and you just tossed it out, problem solved... YOU STILL HAVE BEDBUGS because your house is now infested (or previously was and you just now noticed).

Now back to these Linenspa mattresses... I LOVE THESE THINGS... they're very comfortable and affordable... both my kids love them. I had already purchased one back in 2018 and never had any issues, and as someone who can spot those little devils, our house is free of them. When I ordered my 2nd mattress (after reading the negative bug reviews) I went ahead and took the added precaution... and you should too... if you're ever worried about something like this...


I just laid a bedsheet in the driveway, opened the box, inspected the vacuum-sealed wrap... saw nothing... opened it up on the sheet on my driveway (to keep it clean of course) and fully inspected this sucker everywhere... nope... no bugs, no smells... just a nice clean beautiful mattress. Carried it inside, no issues, son happy... If you actually do have one that is infested like some people claim, and you opened it inside and slept on it... ya... your whole house is now infested (and possibly was before you bought a new mattress).

I just want to make it clear that as someone who works in the hospitality business and is trained in spotting and dealing with those little devils long before it becomes a problem... I've bought two of these mattresses from this company and never had an issue with bugs or smells... and if I need a third or fourth mattress, i would buy another... but if you ever suspect or worry about something like this from this company, or ANY company... just open it outside on a clean sheet and inspect thoroughly before you bring it in.... that way if there is a problem, you don't risk letting them into your home.
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