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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on June 30, 2020
Right up front I want to address the negative reviews that tarnish this product because, as usual, people buy this at a very budget price and expect an iPad or Samsung Tablet. It is NOT an iPad or Samsung, it is an Amazon content delivery device. It is inexpensive because Amazon provides the content and they want you to have a cheap way to enjoy it. It is an E Reader, Music Player, Video Player not a full fledged Android Tablet. Like most Amazon devices it has ads on the lock screen. Any other ads are the fault of the apps. It can be massaged to load apps from Google Play but it wasn't designed for that and results will vary. Expecting this to perform like an iPad or Samsung is wishful thinking of the highest degree. If you can't afford an iPad, don't blame this unit. Don't buy it to do anything but read, listen and watch. I've worn out several of the Fire units over the years and I loved them. They are electronic devices and as such are likely to fail at some point. It's reality. I own 2 iPads as well as This Kindle, an old fire (USB port finally died) and a Kindle Paperwhite. They all serve a purpose. I read constantly and sometimes the Paperwhite is right, Sometimes the Fire is right. The iPads are PC replacements for me and do everything I need to run a small business and record music. I don't expect any of the Kindles to be iPads. Warranty is commensurate with value. 90 days is enough to verify operation. After 90 days you're just unlucky or you dropped the unit so many times it gave up. iPads have a 1 year warranty and you pay for it. My last iPad cost me over $500. I expect a lot more from it than I do a Kindle. I apologize for ranting but it sucks that good products suffer because of bad expectations. A Kindle Fire is a great device for what it was intended to do. I don't really like backlit screens for reading, but sometimes they're desirable. I can watch Movies, Listen to Audiobooks, Listen to music, Stream content and read books and magazines. All on one device that has a screen I don't have to squint at to enjoy. All for a very reasonable price. I had some A-hole grab my fire and run while I was getting a drink refill and it wasn't a nightmare... like if he had run off with my iPad. Buy this for what it is, don't complain about what it isn't.
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