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Reviewed in the United States on May 29, 2020
We've been "Nellie's" users for 4+ years & I'll NEVER go back to anything else. The POWER of this "magic" powder is nothing short of awesome.

We'd always used the high dollar liquid laundry detergents. One of the reasons was smell, who doesn't love the smell of fresh washed clothes especially after using those great smelling detergents. The second reason, I've NEVER found a powder that actually worked on every load, every temp, cycle & every type of laundry. No matter what powder I tried, it would end up in the trash. I'd trash it because invariably, I'd open the washer to find un-desolved powder ALL over a load of clothes. UGH!!! Who has time to wash & rewash clothes. Not this Momma!

One day while flipping through channels, trying to find something to watch (before the endless selections of Netflix & Hulu), we ran across a demonstration of Nellie's on HSN. They were showing how it completely rinses clean out of your clothes, unlike others, the small amount needed, costs, along with packaging waste comparisons. It all made sense & we made our 1st purchase of Nellie's. After receiving & using, we found everything they said to be true. I even tried one of their detergent comparison tests for myself to verify it wasn't all smoke & mirrors... it wasn't!

I only wish I'd found it sooner. When we ran across Nellie's we'd had 3 of our 4 children. On top of what we already spent on liquid detergent, with the first 3, I spent even more on detergent. I used nothing but Dreft on anything & everything they came in contact with for their first couple of years. They all had some small issue with skin sensitivity as babies & toddlers. Dreft was my go to & we never had any skin problems with it, not to mention Dreft's AMAZING smell (I still occasionally open a bottle on a store shelf, just to take in that wonderful baby smell). At the time I got pregnant with the final addition to our brood, we'd been using Nellie's for a bit. I knew how gentle Nellie's was & there was no need in spending all that extra money on a baby detergent. Number 4 was a preemie. From the moment she was able to wear something from home (washed in Nellie's) while in the NICU, we had NO sensitivity issues. That sealed the deal on being a lifetime customer.

My reservations with Nellie's being a powder, quickly vanished. I've never found a single spec of un-desolved product. Nellie's doesn't really have a scent, but you do get very clean smelling clothes. If I'm washing towels or sheets & want that great smell, I just throw a cap of Unstoppables in the wash. After using it for this long, I've noticed our clothes colors seem to last longer. Another thing I've found, we don't get an odor in our washing machine any more. We've had this set of appliances for 10 years, using liquid detergent for almost the first 6. About every 6 months or so we'd notice the washer starting to smell a bit & we'd have to run an empty cycle of hot water & bleach or cleaner through it. It took a long time, but we figured out we weren't having to do that anymore. Detergent is the only thing that's changed, so I have to credit Nellie's for that also.

I'm sorry this is so long, but there's so many reasons we love this laundry soda. It's hard to switch from a product you love & have had success with. I hope this novel will help those on the fence & trying to decide if they should try something new. I don't believe you'll be sorry!
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