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Reviewed in the United States on March 1, 2022
So the basic issue here is that at least with the new MacBook Pro (2021) model this mouse absolutely refuses to be recognized by the laptop as a mouse to disable the trackpad on the laptop. This means that you end up with issues where your fingers might hit the trackpad while typing despite having this mouse connected. Support doesn't have a working solution for this. After dealing with them directly Logitech Support said to:

1) Install LogiOptions (was already done)
2) Check the box to disable trackpad (was already done)
3) Uncheck the box to disable trackpad (... what?)
4) It's Apple's fault go to them.
5) Close Ticket

So install our software, followed up by 'did you try turning it off and back on?', not our problem. The issue is this is a running problem if you check their support forums going back a couple years with various models of MacBooks. Each time the 'solutions' are the same and they take them to private email to 'solve it' instead of leaving out in the open - we got nothing.

The mouse is great, but if you've got an issue with your hands fitting not the keyboard and sometimes hitting the trackpad and that frustrates you - This is NOT going to solve that for you. It's likely to frustrate yourself more because you spent good money and expect that to work especially since cheaper options out there that aren't Logitech seem to be able to pull it off.
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