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Reviewed in the United States on May 26, 2021
The new Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids and Kids Pro tablets have the same hardware as the new Fire HD 10 (2021) tablets, but include a “kid-proof” case, a 2 year worry-free warranty, and 1 year of the Amazon Kids+ subscription service.

The regular Fire HD 10 (2021) costs $150, so you are paying an extra $50 for the case, warranty and year of Kids+. Is this worth it? To help you decide, here are the current costs of the Kids+ service:

Single child (1 Kids+ account):
Prime members – $2.99/month , Non Prime members – $4.99/month
* (Note, no yearly payment option) *

Family (up to 4 Kids+ accounts):
Prime members - $6.99/month, Non Prime members - $9.99/month
or 1 year prepaid annually – Prime members - $69, Non Prime members - $99

So, how valuable this free included year of Kids+ is to you, depends on if you are an Amazon Prime member or not, and how many children you have that will be using the Kids+ service. Note that you will be billed at the month rate once your subscription expires in a year.

Our family somewhat enjoyed the Kids+ service when it used to be called FreeTime Unlimited, but it really didn't seem to be worth the cost to us overall. With multiple children, it starts to get pretty expensive to have this extra content. If you have one very young child under 6, it might be more worthwhile because they can be entertained by just watching some of the videos, but once our children were older than that they found the content to be boring and just wanted a regular tablet.

The main difference between the Fire HD 10 Kids and Kids Pro versions, is that the Kids Pro has a slimmer case, different color options, and a customizable home screen that more resembles a regular Fire HD 10. You also have the ability to create a list of acceptable website to visit on the Pro version.

Overall, these are solid tablets, but over the years we have found that getting the smaller, less expensive models for our youngest children was a better value, and Kids+ stopped being entertaining around elementary school age.
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