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Reviewed in the United States on October 23, 2018
Let me start off by saying I've got a ton of wifi and IoT devices in my home, 5 or 6 different brands of smart plugs.

I don't quite understand why Wemo has such a brand presence in the IoT space. Their devices are clumsy and I find myself fighting against them rather than them making my life easier.

If you have a router that merges your 2.4 and 5Ghz signals under one SSID (If you don't see 5g or 2.4 in your network name, this might mean you), this device can be difficult to set up. The plug only works on 2.4 like most IoT devices, but appeared to not be able to find that signal while my phone was connected to the 5G signal. Took a lot of work to get it set up, not something I think Mom would be able to setup, which is my rule of thumb for set experience.

Once setup, the plug has trouble staying connected to my network. My router can dynamically change wifi channels to avoid interference, which isn't a problem for 99% of devices. This one however, disconnect and won't reconnect until I power cycle it, kinda defeating the purpose of having a smart plug in the first place. I ended up having to disable that feature on my router to work around their poor wifi implementation

Next, the physical design of the device is a little bulky for my usage. It can block other plugs in the same outlet.

And finally, why is this so expensive?? If you made it this far in my review, go buy 2 or 3 smart plugs elsewhere for the same cost.

I left 2 stars here because after fighting with it so much, it works fine. It doesn't look pretty and I would never buy another, yet it stays plugged in, hidden behind furniture.
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