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Reviewed in the United States on September 22, 2018
I've had for nearly a week and these make them Apple thingies that dangle out people's ears look plain dumb. Fit is great, sound is great, the pairing and turning on process is "satisfying" (you'll see), and the magnetic case is "satisfying" too (you'll see). Couple things to note:

(1) There are three sizes of ear bud tips that should accommodate all ear canals, but although the earbuds are easy to pull off, they are quite tricky to push back on to the body. Be patient.
(2) When I'm playing music, they operate flawlessly. I have noticed though that when I just have them in my ear with no audio source actively playing, one of them will sporadically announce that it is disconnecting then reconnecting. A very, very minor irritation.
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