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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on June 16, 2020
Update#1: charging case failed after 3 days- returning for exchange
1st review:
Longer battery life, can use either bud by itself- a REAL UPGRADE!
Arrived charged up and ready to go- nice surprise.
Paired right away
Has longer battery life- will update review once I get some real-life battery use and times
CAN USE either bud by itself- I listen mostly to podcasts, this is awesome!
Seals out ambient noise well,( I use with weed wacker) with the supplied ear seals
Has "EQ" modes easily accessed
Better than other units which cost 3 times more!

another update
The exchanged unit is working well after 4 weeks- 4 star rating, will update if these continue to provide good results..or bad!

+++++++++ Buds left in the charging case may turn on and run down the battery, then recharge...depleting the charging case in a 1/2 day- this may also cause audio problem as the BT interrupts wired headphone use
Once charged, remove from case and manually turn off until needed- update...buds turned OFF and sitting on the table have turned on and attempted to pair- running down the battery- it has also happened that buds torned OFF have turned on interrupting iphone audio through wired buds- have to remember to turn iphone bluetooth off.
- if using 1 bud while the other is charging, the bud on the charger may cycle on and off and that may cause your connection to drop and reconnect ( audio intermittent) with the bud in your ear OR with wired earbuds!

I think this and charge case issues may be the reason why these have limited availability at amazon or skullcandy website- watch for a version 2 ....!?

Update 5: after about 5 or 6 weeks the battery life is declining- the left seems to be about 4 hours, the right is about 2 hours use... they were closer to 5 hours when new
Update 6: battery life is reduced- this could be associated with the above buds turning themselves on

the bluetooth has been quite good ---when it works--- with range of 50' not unusual

Update 7: buds, FULLY charged and manually turned off and left for 48 hours- on power up showed 1/2 strength and turned off after 2 hours
These buds have great audio and bluetooth- the power/battery management in a mess.
I will be returning this set ( third set)
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