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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on January 1, 2021
This is my second pair. First pair of t10s I liked but I dropped the left one from hip height and it stopped working. I figured they are just kind of delicate and it’s my fault. So I bought these t12 and I immediately regretted getting the newer model. I bought them for indoor cycling but they were totally unusable. The volume would randomly increase to max every 30 seconds or pause my video. I was constantly fighting these things. Idk if it was my body heat or the fan blowing air on them but they were pretty much useless for what I bought them for so they sat unused for a month until I decided to use them in a more leisurely way. I just put them on the charger and the right one is now at 100% and ready to go....the left one is completely dead. The case doesn’t even seem to see it. Charging contacts are clean. I will not buy tozo again.
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