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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 26, 2022
I purchased these as a replacement to my Liberty Air’s which fit my ear well and were a good value for the money. The Liberty Air 2 Pros are definitely an improvement over the older style with the addition of ANC which works well, if not perfectly. The battery life is good even with ANC turned on and the sound quality is a little better than the previous version also.

The flat case with the charging pins on the side of the earbud corrected one of the issues I had with the older style that charged the buds at the bottom of the case and end of the buds. Charging on the old style became intermittent unless I cleaned the contacts and that was difficult to do with them buried at the bottom of the case. The new case, in the event the contacts need to be cleaned, are easily accessible.

The issue I DO have with the new ones is they do NOT fit my ears. The head size and/or shape has changed enough that the bud tips do not insert properly into my ear regardless of what size tip I use. They fall out just from talking or yawning and are not secure at all. I did end up ordering some foam tips from Jlab and that has resolved most of my issues and provided a better seal in my ears. I’d still like to see a smaller or reshaped head in these to sit inside the ear better. I know there are as many ear configurations as there are people but since the old ones worked fine and these do not, I wonder how many other people were similarly affected. This was a big disappointment for me given the previous model fitting well.

This week I had another issue crop up. Suddenly the microphone (which had been stellar up to now). Stopped working. No one can hear me on my phone calls. I’ve reset them with only temporary success. I called support today only to wait 20 minutes to be told no agents were available. Not sure what was up with that but I’ll try again later. Anker has always been a quality company for me and I’m sure they’ll take care of the issue. If not I’ll report back here and my current rating is not reflected by this new issue.
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