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Reviewed in the United States on June 16, 2021
Nothing wrong with it, it’s just not much different than the previous versions. I only ordered this because “coincidentally” right before this version was released my previous fire stick “randomly” stopped working. If you can’t tell, I’m somewhat suspect of Amazon regarding whether that was actually a coincidence and if it actually is random. There a part of me that thinks they installed a bug intentionally in the last fire stick software update that had my fire stick start completely screwing up right as I was able to pre order the new version. I doubt I’m the only person that this happened to. The only thing that would make this version any better than previous ones is if you have lost your tv remote and the fire stick remote will also work fir your tv. Other than that, same thing, bigger price. I can guarantee that it will work with your tv and you will be able to use this fire stick to control any TV the list of tv brands the remote works with is insanely long and all inclusive as far as I can see. But I still think Amazon rigged this situation so that I would basically have no choice but to order a replacement and obviously if I was going to have to replace it anyway of course I’m going to order the more expensive latest version of it hoping to will work longer. Great job Amazon, I think you’re starting to learn these brilliant money making techniques from Apple, they’re experts in the field of forcefully tricking customers into upgrading their device, but Amazon, you need to step up your game and be more cunning and devious in how you do it so that it’s not so incredibly obvious that your manipulating me, I mean I fall for it with Apple every time and I can’t identify how the pull it of, but your little scam was a bit blatant and not as clever and sneaky as I’m sure you’re capable of if you really put your minds to it! Try this on me again and I’ll switch to Roku or Apple TV. This is your final warning Amazon.
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