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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 9, 2022
This book is painful to read:
1. There are multiples bugs in the code presented. Example: Multiple times a go routine will pass a failure into a channel inside a loop, but not return from the function. Thus the go routine will continue to run to the end of the loop even though the rest of the work is useless.
2. Lots of duplicated code -- for example, often the author will show a function, explain it a bit, and then show it in a complete program, but duplicating the entire half to whole page function.
3. Very little explanation of Generics. This is a new feature and the first word in the title -- I expected much more about Generics.
4. The font size is noticeably larger than normal for technical books. I compared it to two other Go Lang books and this book has fewer lines of text per page.
5. There are many pages which have too much bold face, like the author forgot to turn off bold facing. This makes it harder to read.

- it feels like the author had to hit a certain page count and duplicated large-font text to get there.
- it seems like he translated a bunch of algorithms from another book into Go and called it a new book.
- it seems like it was not proof-read well.
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