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Reviewed in the United States on March 15, 2021
I bought this mouse to replace the MX 2. It is a nice-looking mouse and does all that it states it will do. It feels very solid and looks good. My big issue with it is after using it for a few minutes, it felt uncomfortable in my hand. I ignored the feeling thinking that it would go away (Just like when I first started to use the MX 2 mouse) it did not and so there is a dull ache whenever I use the mouse for more than a few minutes. My hand and wrist hurt - just under the ball of my thumb.
I get that the new modifications will benefit a lot of users; however, they didn’t work for me. The new contour of the mouse makes most things feel just a bit off. Just scrolling now feels awkward. Also, I don't get the hype about the new scroll wheel, as it doesn’t feel any better than the MX 2. Dare I say it…it actually feels worse.
In theory making the side scroll wheel bigger and realigning the two buttons should have worked. However they don’t and it feels awkward when I try to use these features.
Maybe it is the size of my hands (XL) why this new shape and upgrades don’t work for me. But in any case I was prepared to love this mouse. I cannot as it hurts.
I’m returning it and will cheerfully stick with my MX 2.
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