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Reviewed in the United States on September 10, 2018
I used these for a week in OBX and got a good variance of use (walking, bike riding, exercising) and while these are comfortable and easy to use, the sound quality really suffers.

1. Comfort: These are the most comfortable in ear headphones I've ever worn. They fit very nicely and (almost) never fall out. The only time they didn't want to stay in was this morning when it was raining and I was walking to work. My ears don't sweat so they do stay in while exercising.

2. Ease of use: They are very easy to use. I've seen questions where folks have stated only one ear bud works. Make sure you turn both ear buds on! You must turn them on individually. I'm still learning the button functions on each bud; I press one and the music stops but sometimes it takes a few presses for the music to continue.

3. Charging/battery life: So far these have only died on me once. This was after fully charging the pod and letting it charge the buds several times. I can't recall the amount of hours I got out of it, but it was acceptable. Charging is really easy and the pod is pretty convenient. The lid is magnetic so unless you drop it, it won't fall off.

4. Sound: This is where this product falls smack on its face. The sound quality is very poor. The bass is almost non-existent, and what bass does exist is very muffled. There is a constant crackling/gritty/static noise while music is playing (doesn't really happen during podcasts). It sounds very cheap, even for a pretty inexpensive pair. Sound quality is huge. You can have the most comfortable, easy to use headphones on the market, but if the sound quality is bad, the rating goes down the tubes. This is a shame because everything else about these ear buds are pretty good.
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