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Reviewed in the United States on February 23, 2022
I know some ppl may disagree with me, and some ppl may think the cost for this item is way to high. And they are right!
You may think its just not worth it for the amount you get!
l can see your point of view
l have a far different take on it.
My view is this:
An opened box of Baking soda is only good for 6 months, then its old. So why buy a huge container if it will only lasts for 6 months? Makes no sense! Will l really be needing a lot of this? No.
l mainly buy this brand for the convienence of it !
Those yellow boxes of Baking soda is not one of my favorite things to grab and handle. I find it painful to hold!
I find it very arkward and clumpsy to hold ! I find it unattractive !
I don't even like the spout! Just to open that square box it feels as if l need a crowbar!
l find this baking soda to be so much better in many ways! Takes up less room.
Has a great grip.
Easy to use.
And has a replaceable lid.
And yeah, if l really want to, l can simply get one of those other arkward boxes again and just refill this one up! But no. No thanks, l happen to like this brand a lot!! ❤
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