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Reviewed in the United States on January 22, 2021
As a young child growing up in the Chicago area during the 1970's my mother would often take me along with her to Woodfield Mall. She had a friend who worked at the Confectionary in Marshall Field's and we would stop for a visit while she would purchase some snacks both for us and to take home with us. She loved their hot, buttered cashews so she got us a couple of bags to munch on while we strolled through the mall. I remember that very first time and how fabulous they tasted. They were just so much better than plain old peanuts! I have enjoyed cashews now for over 50 years but most of the time they are either halves or pieces because they are cheaper and available just up the alley at the local Walgreen's.

I bought a couple of these cans of cashews a few days ago along with a large can of Peanuts and I put a couple of hand full into a small bowl to warm them up and I was transported back in time. I didn't do anything with butter but the warmth made them almost feel moist and it brought out the flavor. Along with the salt and the fact that these were the entire nut the flavor was just so darn terrific. There is a soft crunch, a delicious burst of flavor that builds along with that soft chewing experience leading up to the next taste. Just awesome!

I don't eat a whole lot of snacks anymore but I still like nuts, fruit once in a while, Greek yogurt and various cheeses. I personally would much rather munch on those than cookies, potato chips, donuts, etc. These are wonderful, and for the $8 bucks and change I think an excellent price!
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