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Reviewed in the United States on December 23, 2018
Even though I have good Wi-Fi (200 Mbps ) there is nothing like a wired connection. There are those that will complain that the Ethernet speed is limited to 10/100 Mbps, but that is a poor argument. Past a certain point for streaming content, which is what the majority of people will use this for, greater speeds do not result in better quality. Therefore the 100 Mbps Ethernet is more than enough for what most people will use this for. ,

The major benefit of this adapter EVEN IF YOU HAVE FAST Wi-Fi, is the significant reduction in ping (ping is very important since it measures how fast you get a response after a request is sent to the network i.e. lower ping is better). I measured my ping at less than 1 ms with the wired connection. This sort of low ping is not possible with the current generation of Wi-Fi. Even though my Wi-Fi is faster than the rated limit of this adapter, the dramatic reduction in ping makes the Fire Stick 4k more responsive. I have noticed a measurable increase in the quality of the streaming content as well as a general improvement in the stability of the connection.

Basically, if you have a streaming device and access to an Ethernet cable, try this adapter out. Its only $15 and the benefits may well out weight the price.

Overall a great product 5/5!
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