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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 6, 2022
Looking for a mouse? Debating on this one or another one? Don't bother. This one is the winner.

1. Ergonomic - it's ergonomic AF. My hand is super comfortable on it all day at the computer - for reference I do Revit and AutoCAD along with other design programs that requires heavy use of the mouse. I'm not a gamer but I think the same principles apply (or maybe they don't lol).

2. Quiet - I never thought I'd ever care about my mouse being quiet. Well, now I can't go back. The clicks are soft and quiet but it still "clicks" in an extremely satisfying manner where you know you clicked on something. The top scroll and side scroll - AMAZING. They are made out of metal which gives it a lovely, heavier weight to them than any other mouse I've used. They both scroll softly and smoothly. The way they feel under your fingers is chef's kiss.

3. Customization - you can also customize how you want the clicks and the scrolls to work. This gives me the opportunity to customize the mouse in a way that is perfect for me. Love that the two buttons near my thumb can be copy and paste because I do a lot of that.

4. Bluetooth - This is where I had to knock off a star. The bluetooth connection for this mouse was very spotty for me. I don't know if I got a defective mouse but the bluetooth connection would not hold after the computer and the mouse would go to sleep. I had to manually reconnect the mouse to the computer but eventually, even that stopped working. I am currently using the usb and this has worked great.

Overall, I would still recommend this mouse 100% because of its functionality and design. I can't over emphasize how wonderfully quiet this mouse is but still satisfying to use. I swear you will never want to go back to a loud clicky mouse ever again. Maybe you won't have the bluetooth issue but again, since they give you the usb backup method, I can still use the mouse with no issues.
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