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Reviewed in the United States on January 19, 2021
I know these were renewed but they were worth it, when they came they were brand new in the box. I tried them within the first 30 mins and you lose NOTHING. they have great sound quality for $30 (Yes i know they are originally $60). they dont have ANC but when i put them in without sound i could hear close to nothing, when i put music on..... Nothing. they also have a Tile© Tracker inside so you can find them in case you lose them. another interesting feature was EQ Modes, you can chose between Music, Movie, and Podcast modes and they really do work like they say they do. Another thing i want to review is the design, The case feels so nice in my hands. its are so clean when you open and close it. The Earbuds are so clean-looking, they fit in my ears and they never wiggle or fall out so that's a plus when i'm working out. they are also sweat, water, and dust resistant and they work well in the shower (i live in big house and they dont like my music) but i never put them directly under the water. Overall they are the best truly wireless earbuds I've purchased in a long time and i buy a lot of headphones (i have over 30+ pairs so i know). Highly Recommended earbuds for someone on a budget!!.
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