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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on June 22, 2022
I have been hesitant upgrading my time capsule and AirPort Extreme pseudo mesh set up, I was only getting 350Mbps.

I am glad I bit the bullet, I even bought the ET12 used to save some money and it was like new.

I immediately upgraded the firmware and set up the second 2.5gig port to a switch, that goes to my pc and the second node. My pc maxes out my Comcast 1400Mbps plan, real world download speeds of 175MB/s, downloads are unreal, nearly doubling my wired throughput.

On my laptop the wireless connects at 1200Mbps, and my iPhone 13 Pro Max I get a speed test of roughly 650-700mbps.

Coverage wise I couldn’t be happier, I live in an apartment with a lot of interference, I set the freqs to the least busiest channels and I haven’t had a single issue. Initially Asus auto channels to channel 8 for 2.4ghz, odd because it overlaps with so many other channels. So I manually set it to 11 to be safe.

The mobile app is nice, but it takes some getting used to finding what your looking for. The web log in is full of everything you could need and works well on mobile. But the app is nice for quick changes or rebooting.

It’s also nice that you can bind specific devices to either node, so you don’t have smart devices connecting to a node that’s far away.

Real-time speed in the app is nice, and built in ad block set per device is great.

You can also turn off the LED in app which is nice for the node in the bedroom.

I haven’t turned on any Ai-Protect stuff as it sends your data to trend micro, granted that’s by design for “protection” but it’s not private.

It would be nice if you could select some of the Ai-Protect options that don’t seem like a privacy violation.

I haven’t tried setting it up with ai-mesh, instead I used a moca 2.5 adapter to have It hardwired, and set one SSID for all 3 wifi standards, 2.4ghz 5ghz and 6ghz.

A definite upgrade from my 10 year old time capsule set up. If your hesitant or don’t need mesh you can also buy one node or use an older Asus router for Ai mesh.
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